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Brand Building: Kick the Cold Call Habit in 2014

Todd Razor, Three Razors Media
Presented on March 13, 2014

Todd Razor, Three Razor Media
Social networking isn't about standing around in a suit with an elevator speech and business cardin hand. It is about showing up in the right place at the right time with something of value to share with those you wish to reach. If you're in sales and haven't taken the time to build out a digital presence, you are missing an opportunity.
This webinar will focus on how you can put forth a modest effort to develop your brand via the installation of digital infrastructure and generate dynamic leads that help you kick the cold-calling habit for good. 
In 2011, Todd founded Three Razors Media, a boutique public relations agency serving growth-oriented real estate companies and professional services firms in Iowa, and the Midwest. The company, which develops digital media strategies and content marketing solutions for business-minded individuals and organizations, exists to set its clients apart as thought leaders in a digital age. Three Razors seeks to help clients capture warm leads and uncover word-of-mouth referrals though online methodologies.

Todd Razor is a multimedia professional and public relations practitioner with more than 10 years of online and offline relationship building experience among academic, nonprofit, and business-to-business communities in the Midwest. With an emphasis on technology and real estate, this business reporter has published hundreds of news articles and feature stories highlighting some of the region’s most influential decision makers, small business owners, and successful entrepreneurs.

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