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Need a business webinar provider?

Since 2003, University of Northern Iowa's Center for Business Growth and Innovation (CBGI) has provided hundreds of business webinars for Iowa entrepreneurs and business owners.  In November of 2012, CBGI partnered with the Iowa Economic Development Authority to bring our webinar technology here to IASourceLink.  We haven't stopped there, however!

We are looking to engage with your Iowa based organization or agency and host your business related webinars.  Our turn key services enable your organization to hold professionally managed online seminars without glitch, and with our front end marketing support, ensure you get great attendance!

Contact to learn more about how we can collaborate.  For examples of how we've worked with other agencies in the past, please scroll through our business webinar archive and view our Iowa Small Business Development Centers sponsored webinars; Iowa Association of Business and Industry partnership webinars; and/or our Iowa Department of Revenue tax webinars.