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Iowa Tax Law Legislative Update 2015

Terry O'Neill & Patty Fulton, Iowa Department of Revenue
September 30, from Noon-1pm (Central)
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This webinar will provide information about tax law changes enacted during the 2015 legislative session. Terry O'Neill and Patty Fulton from the Iowa Department of Revenue will be our guest presenters. Please see this page if you are planning to use this presentation for continuing education credits.

During this online webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Income tax, tax credits, sales/use tax, fuel tax, and property tax
  • Individual income tax form changes, military pension exclusion, and social security income
  • Deductions and credit amounts, interest rate, and income tax checkoffs
  • Information about eFiling, corporation and partnership due dates, and taxable services


Terry started with the Iowa Department of Revenue in 1987 as a summer intern working to find non-registered businesses. In the fall of 1987, he became a revenue agent, collecting past due taxes in the Davenport area. In 1990, he became a Taxpayer Service Specialist (TSS). As a TSS, he assists taxpayers by e-mail and phone on a wide variety of Iowa tax issues. In addition, Terry is a primary presenter for other educational outreach efforts of the Department, such as webinars.

Patty started with the Iowa Department of Revenue in 1984 as a clerk for the Department’s Revenue Agents.  In 1987, she became a Revenue Agent, collecting past due taxes in the Des Moines area, and in January of 1995, she became an Examiner for the Department.  In December 1995, Patty became a Taxpayer Service Specialist (TSS).  As a TSS, she assists taxpayers on a wide variety of Iowa tax issues, as well as educating taxpayers about Iowa law and rule changes.

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