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Iowa Sales/Use Tax Basics: Part 1


Terry O'Neill, Iowa Department of Revenue

Presented May 28, 2014
Webinar Powerpoint: Iowa Sales and Use Tax Basics: Part 1
Webinar Q&A

In this webinar, Terry O'Neill with the Iowa Department of Revenue will provide an overview of Iowa sales and use tax, including common taxable services.  A facilitated Q&A will follow the presentation.

Topics covered will include:
  • The difference between sales and use tax.
  • Common taxable items, and what is exempt (products/services).
  • How to calculate the correct tax rate your business needs to charge.
  • Which businesses must get a tax permit (and the various types available).
  • How often an Iowa firm must file, and how they can do so.
  • Exemption certificates- what they are, and examples of how to complete.
Terry started with the Iowa Department of Revenue in 1987 as a summer intern working to find non-registered businesses. In the fall of 1987, he became a revenue agent, collecting past due taxes in the Davenport area. In 1990, he became a Taxpayer Service Specialist (TSS). As a TSS, he assists taxpayers by e-mail and phone on a wide variety of Iowa tax issues. In addition, Terry is a primary presenter for other educational outreach efforts of the Department, such as Webinars.  

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