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Technology Association of Iowa (TAI)

TAl is a member-based association that exists to create and sustain a positive technology environment for economic growth and job creation by enhancing access to talent and developing future workforce; creating connectivity with business, educational and government resources; and improving the business climate for technology organizations.


The Technology Association of Iowa (TAl) is the premier professional organization accelerating the success of Iowa’s technology industry and tech-based economy. Our members include organizations of every size in virtually every aspect of technology creation, production, application and education in Iowa. Iowa’s tech sector fuels broad-based economic growth and is the foundation for the state’s 21 st Century economy. Iowa’s technology industry employs over 76,000 workers and accounts for $10.696 billion (8.8%) of the state’s value added, or GOP. And the numbers are steadily growing. Nearly 55,000 high-tech workers in all firms support Iowa’s economy. Established in 1997 as the Software Council of Iowa, the original organization formed through the joint efforts of industry leaders, the Iowa Department of Economic Development and the Governor of Iowa. Today, as the Technology Association of Iowa, the organization strives to strengthen Iowa’s technology ecosystem and enhance the state’s reputation as a technically advanced place where world-class technology firms and organizations thrive.

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