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Public Relations: Best Practices For Your Iowa Business


Public Relations (PR)

Good Public Relations is about generating awareness for your brand, and also increasing your credibility in the process.

How to Write a Press Release

There are many templates out there to help your business structure a press release. This is a good one for small businesses. Essentially, all press releases should be written in the inverted pyramid format, which means the most critical, important information goes at the top and supporting information follows it. Another key component of a press release is your call to action (CTA). Make sure that your CTA is clear to the audience that you’re targeting.

Who to Contact?
So you’ve just written an engaging press release about your upcoming product launch- that’s great! Now comes the tricky part; reaching out to the media. Contacting the media can be hard, especially figuring out who you should contact. Here’s a great resource for determining the best person to reach out to grow and maintain your Public Relations efforts.

Good customer service and public relations go hand in hand. When someone interacts with your brand online or offline, it’s a good Public Relations practice to respond quickly and as diplomatically as possible. Perhaps someone is unhappy with the quality of the product you just sold them, and they’ve taken to social media to vent to your followers. It’s important to remember two things in this situation; first, the customer is always right, and second, taking no action, is actually taking an action. Replying in a public way and apologizing to your customer, even if they were in the wrong, shows your audience (and the world) that you’re willing to take responsibility for your mistakes.

If you need help with your public relations efforts at your Iowa based company, check out these organizations from our Resource Navigator who can help:


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