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Outsourcing Facility License Print This Page

Every facility registered with the FDA as an outsourcing facility that intends to distribute product into or within Iowa is required to be licensed by the Board prior to commencing operations.
Contact Information
Department of Public Health
Iowa Board of Pharmacy
400 S.W. 8th Street, Suite E
Des Moines IA, 50309-4688(map)
P: (515) 242-3272
F: (515) 281-6409

License Details

Code Citation
Who Applies
Anyone intending to distribute non-patent-specific compounded drug products within or into Iowa, who is registered as an outsourcing facility with the FDA, must license with the Board prior to commencing regulated activities. A facility that intends to utilize controlled substances in the compounding processes must also register for a Controlled Substances Act registration. A location that will also be dispensing patient-specific compounded products must also license as a pharmacy.
When To Apply
Prior to commencing the regulated compounding activities.
Initial Requirements
License application, Controlled Substances Act registration, criminal history background check.
Expires December 31, annually.
Processing Time
Application processing in 15 business days; criminal history background check usually takes about two months.
Fee Structure
License fee is $400. License renewal within the first 30 days following expiration add $400 late payment penalty. Reactivation more than 30 days following license application requires reactivation fee of $1,600.
Renewal Requirements
Renewal application, renewal fee, criminal history background check if the responsible pharmacist has changed.
Does not apply.
Additional Information
Criminal history background check will be required of any responsible pharmacist identified as such on the license application.