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Certificate of Organization - Limited Liability Co Print This Page

Allows an organization to transact business as a domestic limited liability company in the State of Iowa.
Contact Information
Secretary of State
321 E 12th St, 1st Fl Lucas Bldg
Des Moines IA, 50319(map)
P: (515) 281-5204
F: (515) 242-5953

License Details

Code Citation
Who Applies
One or more persons desiring for a limited liability company under the laws of Iowa.
When To Apply
Prior to commencing business transactions.
Initial Requirements
Filing of Certificate of Organization with the Secretary of State.
Valid until dissolved, expired, or administratively dissolved.
Processing Time
Three business days.
Fee Structure
Fee: $50
Renewal Requirements
Does not pertain.
Does not pertain.
Additional Information
A limited liability company shall deliver to the secretary of state for filing a biennial report. The first biennial report required under Iowa Code 489.209 must be delivered to the secretary of state between January 1 and April 1 of the first odd-numbered year following the calendar year in which a limited liability company was formed or a foreign limited liability company was authorized to transact business. A subsequent biennial report must be delivered to the secretary of state between January 1 and April 1 of each following odd-numbered calendar year. A filing fee for the biennial report shall be determined by the secretary of state pursuant to section 489.117. Each biennial report shall contain information related to the two-year period immediately preceding the calendar year in which the report is filed. Failure to file the required report may result in the revocation.