Guide: Start a Business | Step Six


Well, you did it! You have written your business plan, registered your business, identified tax and financial obligations you will need to stay on top of, and acquired the needed licensing to operate your business legally. So, what’s next?

START! Get going! You are well on your way to making that first sale. 

Remember, you aren’t in this alone. IASourceLink provides a wide variety of on-going resources to assist you with starting, growing, and even exiting your business. 

Take advantage of our Resource Navigator, a directory of over 360 public organizations in Iowa that provide services to entrepreneurs and small business owners for little to no charge. 

Networking is always a good idea… and so is learning a skill or two! Check out our Statewide Calendar for upcoming events and webinars to help you take your business to the next level!

Looking to learn new tips and tricks to marketing your business? Or ways you can support local entrepreneurs just like yourself? Our Business Blog is perfect for learning new and exciting things, as well as better connecting with your business community and beyond!

If you still have questions about starting your business, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Business Concierge team. Not only can they answer your most pressing business related questions, they provide a FREE referral service, connecting you to our trusted network of experts in Iowa who can help your business grow.

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