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Considering expanding your market reach? Welcome to Iowa, a great place to do business! We consistently rank among the nation’s lowest for cost of doing business, and the cost of living is below the nation’s average. From tax incentives to employer opportunities, there are many great reasons to consider Iowa!

For regulatory information on doing business in Iowa, check out our Business License Information Center. Additionally, the Iowa Secretary of State FAQ page can help you determine some of the requirements based on the type of legal structure of your organization.

If your business location will have employees, view our Licensing Resources Fact Sheet to review requirements for employers.

If your business might not have a physical location but will still have employees in Iowa, there may be some tax filing requirements you should be familiar with. This information is available through the Iowa Department of Revenue.

Need help finding that perfect location? The Iowa Economic Development Authority business development team will work with you to find a community and property that fits your needs. You can also search for available properties through the online database.

If you just need some space to work, Iowa is also home to many business incubators and co-work spaces that might be just what you need to start building your business in the state. You can find more useful tips on finding that perfect fit on our business location page.

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