Guide: Exit Your Business | Option Four


One option for exiting your business is by way of liquidation. Liquidation refers to selling off assets or securities in order to generate cash revenue. The more liquid an item is, the faster you can collect cash for it. Items like fine art, homes, or a specialty collectors item are generally illiquid as it takes a certain kind of buyer with typically a larger amount of money to make a purchase.

If you think you would like to sell your assets and/or securities in order to close your business, we suggest you ask yourself these questions first:

  • Would there be an advantage with selling off the business as a whole (including assets & securities) rather than selling things individually over-time?

  • What kind of market would give me top dollar for my assets/securities? 

  • Should I consider another exit strategy for my business?

  • Out of all of my businesses assets/securities, what is liquid and what is not liquid?

  • Do I actually know what my business, assets and securities are worth? 


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