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Start Your Business
Learn about the start-up process. Write a comprehensive business plan, discover which business structure is right for you, and understand the necessary steps to licensing and registering your business. Discover funding options and find resources to assist as you begin a new chapter of entrepreneurship.

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Fund Your Business
Understand the funding options available to fuel your small business growth. Learn about federal, state, local, and current financial resources.

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Grow Your Business
Tap into new opportunities to expand your sales force. Learn about customer retention and how to hire a team that is accountable and right for your business. Set yourself apart from competition and expand with assistance from outside insight.

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Innovate Your Business
Determine your businesses value and how to quantify your market to target the correct audience. Recruit talent, pair with mentors, and secure proper funding to support your efforts of innovation.

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Exit Your Business
Understand financial ramification, tax issues, and how to end relationships with customers and suppliers. Get to know all of the “O’s” (IPOs, MBOs, ESOPs Co-Ops) to make an informed decision as you choose an exit strategy and weigh the risks and rewards of closing your chapter of entrepreneurship.

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