Just Start - Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Session III)

Have a business idea or side hustle, but need help with business basics? This workshop includes a starter kit with step by step directions on how to get started on your next business venture.

$150.00 covers all three sessions. This is session 3 of 3. We will cover the following topics:


A conversation of all things money-related, from a basic financial overview of revenue streams, fixed costs and variable costs, to more detailed instruction on how to calculate a break even point and how to construct basic financial projections for your business.

Establishing Your CORE.

In this roundtable break out session, you'll have a chance to meet with legal and accounting professionals, to ask questions and learn basics in a casual Q&A format.

Networking Happy Hour.

After you complete this session, we will plan a happy hour event, giving you the opportunity to reconnect and network with more of the CORE (Contributors of Resources & Experience) professionals, offering a casual setting to connect.


Monday Jun 21
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
301 W. Montgomery St.
Creston, IA 50801
For more information contact:
Wayne Pantini
Union County Development Associaton
(641) 782-2003