Just Start - Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Session II)

Have a business idea or side hustle, but need help with business basics? This workshop includes a starter kit with step by step directions on how to get started on your next business venture.

$150.00 covers all three sessions. This is session 2 of 3 where we will cover the topics of:

Customer Development.

To truly understand your customer, you must learn to be empathetic. We'll walk through activities and mock interviews to better understand how to get the most from customer interactions, before you spend money building products/services they may or may not want.


If you're going to create a killer brand, you need a killer brand message that defines who you are and what makes you great. In this activity, we'll break that statement down and help you come up with language you can use to present your brand to the world.

Customer Acquisition.

How do we find customers, and how do they find us? How do we get our customers to know, like and trust our business? We'll talk about customer acquisition and come up with some steps our fans and followers can take on the path to becoming loyal customers.

Monday Jun 14
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
301 W. Montgomery St.
Creston, IA 50801
For more information contact:
Wayne Pantini
Union County Development Associaton
(641) 782-2003