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IASourceLink Blog

How Secure is Your Business?


What do Arby’s, Verizon and Uber all have in common? They were each victims of a recent data breach that affected thousands of customers. Reports of cyber-attacks on large firms regularly hit the news, but what is rarely mentioned are the cyber-crimes being waged against shops down the street. While Uber had cash on hand to pay off their hackers, would that be true for the businesses in your region?

The Second Iowa Rural Summit is Coming


In 2016, the Iowa Rural Development Council (IRDC) hosted the first-ever Iowa Rural Summit, bringing together 300 individuals from more than 60 rural communities.  That event sparked a resurgence in interest among rural advocates and convinced IRDC partners, who include federal and state agencies, Regents’ institutions and community colleges, utilities, non-profits and statewide associations, to revitalize the Council’s ability to support rural development.  Building on the foundation of the initial Summit, a second Summit is planned for April 5th & 6th in Grinnell.

From the Director's Desk - December 2017

Leading up to the holiday season, I’m sure most of us were busy finding that perfect gift. Many consumer’s buying habits include purchasing from online retailers and taking advantage of Cyber-Monday and other web-based deals. However, if you are like me, you may have found yourself making more of your purchases at hometown stores and participating in opportunities such as Shop Local Saturday and other regional shopping events.

Have a Cup of Cheer in Iowa!

Iowa has become home to many new and remodeled breweries, distilleries, and coffee shops in the past few years. In my experience, these business founders want to bring more than a place for grabbing a your favorite drink, they want to be a gathering space for good conversations, art shows, and live music. They bring more opportunity to us to integrate more diversity and creativity in our daily lives. Whether they know it or not, these local shops become the personality that identifies a street, neighborhood, or city to the locals and visitors alike.

Resource Partner - Iowa Green Brewery Certification

In 2015, The Iowa Wine and Beer Promotion Board published a report estimating that craft beer production in Iowa was going to grow 500% by the year 2019. While this has the potential for a great economic impact in the state, brewing beer is a very resource intensive and wasteful process that has the potential for significant negative environmental impacts. The Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC) at the University of Northern Iowa, with 30 years of experience working with Iowa small businesses, developed a new program to combat these potential issues head-on by creating the Iowa Green Brewery Certification.

Seinfeld on Startups - Serenity Now!


I respect the desire to have family involved in a business. That said, you can’t put your blinders on either.



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