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IASourceLink Blog

Iowa Meat Clerk Leaves Counter to Pursue Bigger Aspirations

Regardless what phase of life you're in, it's never too late to begin a new venture. As Tom Mulholland shows us, passion paired with persistence does pay off.

Pappajohn launches annual Iowa Business Plan Competition

The John Pappajohn Iowa Business Plan Competition is back. With $50,000 in awards on the line- it's an opportunity not to be missed!

Iowa Farm Bureau's Renew Rural Iowa Program Expands

New seminar content, online curriculum, exclusive peer forums for those who qualify and financial advice are now available to Iowa entrepreneurs to help grow their existing business.

Seinfeld on Startups: Bubble Boy

What Seinfeld blog would be complete without mentioning the famous 'Bubble Boy'? A boy forced to live in a bubble as a result of health concerns. When contrasted with small business, it's not uncommon for entrepreneurs to find themselves living in their own bubble of "that's how I've always done it". In this months 'Seinfeld on Startups' blog, we review the importance of breaking routine when necessary and learning how to adapt when the market changes.

TOP 5 Ways To Be More Efficient As An Entrepreneur

What small business leader doesn't want more information on how to become more efficient? There are a number of ways to save time and make progress. In this article we'll discuss five important ones.

Reason #6 to Attend EntreFEST: Because Good Ideas Are NOT Waiting For You At The Office

Entrepreneurs have their set routines. Although their routine's may be working, there could be more efficient alternatives to what they're currently doing; alternatives which could save them both time and money.

Presenting Companies Announced for the 2014 i2iowa Forum

It is with great excitement that the Technology Association of Iowa announces the presenters for the third annual i2iowa Investors and Innovators Forum.

Take Care of Your Business by Taking Care of Your Health

Owning your own business can take its toll on your time, energy, and health. Making changes to improve your health doesn't have to be complicated.

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Culture

What does an entrepreneurial community look like? What is the makeup of entrepreneurial culture? The answer to these questions provides the framework for an entrepreneur-focused economic development strategy and a more entrepreneurial community.

8 Reasons Why Mardi Gras Die-Hards Make Excellent Entrepreneurs

Die-hard Mardi Gras attenders brave all elements and work around any obstacle to ensure they experience the ultimate Mardi Gras experience. Here are 8 reasons why die-hard Mardi Gras fans make great entrepreneurs.



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