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IASourceLink Blog

An Exciting New Crowdfunding Platform for Nonprofits

Over the past 5 years crowdfunding has undergone exponential growth, as it has moved from a tool for funding independent musicians and film makers to a viable funding source for a wide variety of business ventures. Tallyfunder, a new crowdfunding website based in Girdwood, is adding a new twist on traditional crowdfunding models.

Establish Your Brand Positioning: The Earlier the Better

A business plan. A marketing plan. A financial plan. All kinds of planning goes into starting a small business and here's one more to add — planning your brand positioning. An entrepreneur's plate is already full with the logistics of starting a business, establishing a “brand” seems like putting the cart before the horse. But it’s not…your brand should be positioned alongside your business concept, and perhaps it could even help inspire your other business planning.

Seinfeld on Startups - Is Anyone Here a Marine Biologist?

Someone cries out –“Is anyone here a marine biologist???” - and our favorite short, stocky, bald guy steps up to the plate to save the day and impress the girl. Was it a lie? Of Course!! But as George would say “It’s not a lie if you believe it”.

Global Entrepreneurship Week: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Through local, national and global activities, GEW gives aspiring, emerging and existing entrepreneurs a chance to be creative and build connections, to start companies and spur economic growth.

Enhancing Business Success Through Public Service, How Ben & Jerry's Became So Good

Not only did Cohen and Greenfield prove themselves wrong about whether a company could significantly promote the common good, but they discovered that business and society are so interconnected that as they helped others they were also helping themselves.

Start up Boot Camp for Women

This November, the Entrepreneurship Centers at Drake University will be holding our third Startup Boot Camp for Women.

3 Reasons to Consider a Productivity Technique

Having trouble with your productivity? Well come inside for 3 ways to help your improve it and more!

Building your network: Like a Coral Reef?

Picking the right community is very important to helping your business grow.

Why vs. What in Entrepreneurship

How to motivate and inspire an audience of entrepreneurs.

Universities Role in Economic Development Efforts

The University Economic Development Association recently announced its 2013 Awards of Excellence winners during its Annual Summit held in Pittsburgh. The Awards of Excellence Program recognizes UEDA members who are transforming their campuses into engines of economic prosperity through leading edge initiatives.



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