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IASourceLink Blog

Seinfeld on Startups - Do The Opposite

“The Opposite” was the 86th episode of Seinfeld – airing during the 5th season. Elaine is busy publishing Kramer’s coffee table book. Jerry takes on the persona of “Even Steven” – something goes wrong, but soon enough something goes right to bring Jerry back to even. Kramer gets a spot on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee to hawk his new book.

Seinfeld on Startups - Serenity Now!


I respect the desire to have family involved in a business. That said, you can’t put your blinders on either.

Getting the Upper Hand

In this edition of Seinfeld on Startups, we look at how to get the upper hand in relationships, whether business or personal, and what can happen when it's you that holds the power.

#1 Dad: True Business Differentiators

In this month's edition of "Seinfeld on Startups," we learn that it's best to focus on true differentiators, those that are much harder for your competition to copy. These are your best options for building a moat around your business and keeping others from stealing your lunch.

Seinfeld on Startups: The Bicycle

Episode 13 was “The Seven” and at its heart was George’s name for his first born. “Seven Costanza” – it’s a great name for a boy or a girl. While that may be a subject for another day, I’d like to draw your attention to the bike.

Seinfeld on Startups: “Low Flow? I Don’t Like The Sound of That...”

Let me tell you, nothing about Seinfeld ever seems to follow the regulations.

Overpromising and Underdelivering

We’ve all done it. “I promise I’ll clean my room if you let me stay up to watch the end of game 7” (Twins vs Cardinals – 1987 – Thank you TK) Needless to say, my room didn’t get cleaned. And since ’87, its probably been fewer than a handful of times that it has.

Seinfeld on Startups: Really Tight Pants

In this month's "Seinfeld on Startups" segment, we learn that continuous improvement can only be reached through trial and error.

Seinfeld on Startups - Frogger

In this latest installment of 'Seinfeld on Startups', George reminds us what happens when you react to your circumstances verses planning ahead of time with detailed strategy.

Seinfeld on Startups: Go Guerrilla!

Today's marketing has to be unique and creative with the potential to go viral. If done correctly, advertising doesn't have to cost a ton. It can be as simple as a puffy fabric, Pirate looking shirt.



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