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IASourceLink Blog

From the Desk of Director Durham: Workforce Housing Tax Credit Program

As I travel the state, one thing I commonly hear in every community is the need for affordable housing to accommodate the workers our companies are employing. That’s why three years ago the Iowa Legislature established the Workforce Housing Tax Credit Program, designed to assist developers with the construction or rehabilitation of housing to help communities begin to solve those housing issues.

From the Desk of Director Durham- 4/1/2016

Promoting your organization through a gathering during Economic Development Week helps build understanding in your community of the long-lasting benefits economic developers help to achieve.

From the Desk of Director Durham - 12/30/15

As we ring in the New Year, I once again ask you to take a moment to reflect on all of those efforts you give on a daily basis, and I thank each of you for that hard work you do. Work that helps the businesses you serve to grow, and the communities you live in to thrive.

From the Desk of Director Durham- 10/5/15

As we work our way through the day, it’s likely we don’t think about the fact that the things we rely on to make life easier and more productive need to be produced in a manufacturing facility. Debi talks about the importance of manufacturing in this edition of "From the Desk."

From the Desk of Director Durham - 6/25/15

Director Durham recaps the Main Street Iowa Awards and EntreFEST, and invites business owners to participate in the SBIR National Road Tour in this month's edition of "From the Desk."

From the Desk of Director Durham - 3/26/15

In this month's edition of "From the Desk," Director Durham applauds the efforts of IASourceLink resource partners serving our state’s small businesses.

From the Desk of Director Durham - 1/8/15

It’s a time for fresh beginnings as we venture into 2015 with this month's Director update!

From the Desk of Director Durham - 12/4/14

Director Durham reflects on the end of the year and what to keep in mind for 2015, in this month's edition of "From the Desk."

From the Desk of Director Durham - 11/6/14

This month, Debi Durham covers entrepreneurship in Iowa, highlighting Global Entrepreneurship Week and other events focused on enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Iowa.

From the Desk of Director Durham - 10/2/14

This month, Director Durham covers innovation in Iowa, mentioning the top programs and events to participate in.



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