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Taking PRIDE in Restaurant Resiliency: SBA & IEDA Success with Recovery Resources

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Ever so often, we come across a story that reminds us of why we continue to serve Iowa entrepreneurs - especially in turbulent times. This month, our Resource Partners, the Small Business Authority (SBA) and the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) shared a small business success story that speaks volumes to many in restaurant ownership.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: How to Learn from Missed Opportunities as a Small Business Owner

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Starting and running your own business requires you to take a good deal of risks and from time to time a leap of faith. Entrepreneurs and business owners have to make quick decisions on what opportunities to chase after and which one’s they let pass on by. When we swing and miss (or don’t swing at all) it can be difficult to shake that feeling of regret and how to deal with those feelings and keep moving forward. Dwelling and obsessing on those misses is counterproductive and affect your ability to make decisions.