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IASourceLink Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary: A Letter From Our Leader

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Creating Stories On Social Media For Small Business Owners

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Social media stories are a great digital marketing tool when it comes to small businesses. This blog will educate about social media stories on two popular platforms, Facebook and Instagram. By incorporating social media stories into your marketing strategy, you'll increase follower engagement and take your brand’s exposure to new heights! Also, check out how some small businesses in Iowa are already using these stories!

Iowa Workforce Development Launches Tools for Employers

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Email Marketing For Your Small Business

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Email marketing plays an important role when owning a small business. This blog will share five important components of a good email marketing campaign and helpful information on how to get started. After this read, you'll have a better understanding on how email marketing works and the many benefits of it for your small business.

Iowa Department Of Revenue Launches Video Tutorials For Iowa Taxpayers

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The Iowa Department of Revenue and other state agencies are modernizing technology and processes to better serve Iowa taxpayers. In addition to the launch of the GovConnectIowa portal, the Iowa Department of Revenue added multiple video tutorials to their YouTube Channel.

Des Moines Partnership Launches Innovation Dashboard To Measure Iowa's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem


The Greater Des Moines Partnership and Clay & Milk are partnering to develop the Iowa Innovation Dashboard, a comprehensive indicator of entrepreneurial activity in the state of Iowa.

What is a C Corporation? | IASourceLink

C Corp

Part four of our Business Structure Blog Series is HERE! Click to learn about all things C corporation.

What is an S Corporation? | IASourceLink


Part 3 of our Business Structure Blog Series is HERE! Read our newest blog to learn whether an S Corporation is right for your business. An S Corporation, or S Subchapter, is another type of legal business entity. What makes an S Corporation stand out from the others? The main difference is that the business elects to pass income, losses, deductions, and credits to their shareholders. This is a major tax advantage as shareholders report these incomes and losses on their personal tax return — allowing the business to avoid double taxation.

Motivation vs. Stagnation: We'll Get Through It!


We all know that 2020 was a challenge, to say the least. Trying to keep a business afloat can be hard enough during good times let alone during a pandemic and it can be easy to lose motivation when you can’t see the win at the end of your day. So, when you find yourself in a slump how can you recharge your battery and set your sights on change? It might not be simple – life is always so much easier when we are drifting towards complacency – but here’s a few tips to get started on growing new habits and gaining inspiration!

Taking PRIDE in Restaurant Resiliency: SBA & IEDA Success with Recovery Resources

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Ever so often, we come across a story that reminds us of why we continue to serve Iowa entrepreneurs - especially in turbulent times. This month, our Resource Partners, the Small Business Authority (SBA) and the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) shared a small business success story that speaks volumes to many in restaurant ownership.