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IASourceLink Blog

Featured Resource Provider - Iowa Center for Economic Success

The Iowa Center for Economic Success is a non-profit organization helping to empower Iowans with the potential to exceed as they pursue opportunities for financial success. This is done through educational and networking events and capital and investment opportunities. Although located in Des Moines, most services they provide are available statewide and staff regularly travel to different locations in Iowa. Here’s a snapshot of what the Iowa Center for Economic Success offers!

EntreFEST 2017 Speaker Nominations Now Open

EntreFEST is back and nominations for breakout session presenters are now underway!

Iowa Redevelopment Tax Credit Program

Did you know that state and federal tax incentives exist that can make the purchase and redevelopment of undervalued or environmentally challenged sites a good economic opportunity for a business?

Tax Season is Upon Us!

Does prepping for taxes have you feeling a little overwhelmed? Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind to make sure the process is easier and goes smoothly.

Tax Tips: Property Tax Credits and Exemptions

Property tax exemptions reduce the property valuation before taxes are calculated. Tax credits reduce the amount of taxes due. Business-related property tax credits and exemptions cover many topics, including agriculture, historic preservation, economic development, solar energy, wind energy, research facilities, distribution and warehouse centers, and the business property tax credit.

Sales Tax Tips – Iowa, Nebraska, & South Dakota

Businesses that operate in multiple states may find it difficult to be fully aware of the rules regarding proper collection of sales/use tax in each of those states. While some similarities exist between states, there are also a number of situations where states will have a differing treatment of certain transactions.

Sales Tax Issues Related to Construction – Iowa & South Dakota

To assist those doing business in both Iowa and South Dakota, the Iowa Department of Revenue and the South Dakota Department of Revenue will jointly present a free online webinar on october 21, from 11:30am- 1pm.

Iowa Tax Law Legislative Update 2015

Each year, the Iowa legislature meets to make revisions to the Iowa Code. Several of those revisions impact Iowa tax law. Here are some tips from the Iowa Department of Revenue to keep in mind.

Starting a Business – Tips from the Iowa Department of Revenue

Starting a business is exciting……and also a little scary. There are lots of steps new business owners need to take and be aware of. One of those steps is getting the business set up with the Iowa Department of Revenue (IDR). Here are some helpful hints from IDR to hopefully make that part of the process a bit easier.

Sales/Use Tax Basics – Tips from the Iowa Department of Revenue

Have you noticed the sales tax rate you are charged may sometimes be 6% and other times 7%? The differing rates occur because many cities and counties in Iowa impose a 1% local option sales tax (LOST), in addition to the state sales tax of 6%.



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