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The CBGI Presents: Digital Marketing Webinar Series

Posted by Samantha Schupanitz on Oct 12, 2020


The Center for Business Growth and Innovation of the University of Northern Iowa presents a mini Digital Marketing Webinar Series this October and into November. The series will include four virtual sessions. Each session will include a live Q&A.

Look forward to topics on building a brand using Facebook, Facebook Advertising for businesses, blogging as a marketing tool, and utilizing Instagram to gain exposure. We are excited to share insight on the power of digital marketing and the impact it can make on a business. Business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups are encouraged to attend these free webinars!

Session 1: Facebook Basics for Businesses, October 20th | 10-11am  

Learn about the basics of building a brand with Facebook. Find insights on creating, posting, gaining followers, and using analytics to boost your exposure on Facebook. In this webinar, you will find the best practices for building an audience and showcasing your business in the most effective way.

- Setting up a Business Facebook Page
- Facebook Analytics
- Creating Content
- Gaining Follower

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Session 2: Facebook Advertising, October 27th | 10-11am  

In this session, we will take a deep dive into the paid Ads space of your Facebook business page. We will cover how to create, target, and deploy ads. As well as learn how to use the analytics to track your ads progress.

- Setting up an Ad
- Building an Audience
- Tracking a Campaign

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Session 3: Blogging as a Marketing Tool, November 10th | 10-10:30am

Learn how blogging can benefit your brand. Businesses are utilizing blogs to start casual conversations amongst their consumers. Blogs generate credibility and establish a voice for your brand. A blog is a great way to reach your audience with professional and relevant content. A blog is also a way to fill your social media pages with content that will direct users to your website. Find topics on:

- Why should my business have a blog?
- Establishing credibility
- SEO driven content
- What should you blog about and how often?

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Session 4: Instagram Basics for Businesses, November 17th | 10-10:30am  

Businesses are finding Instagram as a platform to grow their reach. Instagram for business allows for a way to connect with customers through compelling content that tells a story about your brand. Instagram has several features that are beneficial to businesses. Create a story showcasing new products or services, post a video about your seasonal updates, or even start a campaign or contest amongst your followers!

- Getting started with Instagram for businesses
- Posting on Instagram
- Growing an audience

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With questions please contact, patrick.luensmann@uni.edu