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Shop Iowa Connects Retailers to Consumers Through an Online Marketplace

Posted by Samantha Schupanitz on Jul 22, 2020
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What is Shop Iowa? 

Shop Iowa brings together retail businesses from across the state into one online marketplace. Browse and buy online and feel good knowing that every purchase you make on Shop Iowa goes to a local business in Iowa. 

Shop Iowa is a program that connects small businesses to the right consumers. Getting their products in front of those who need it most via a convenient online marketplace platform. Find everything on Shop Iowa including delicious flavored popcorn, clothing, decor, games, and even pet supplies! Support Iowa small businesses by browsing the endless selection on Shop Iowa

How can I sell on Shop Iowa?

To support the state’s retailers during this unprecedented time, Shop Iowa offers the opportunity to have a presence on an online marketplace for free.* As a brick and mortar retailer in Iowa, you're invited to sell on ShopIowa.com. Iowa businesses with a retail storefront can have a FREE shop, to sell up to 25 products online through June 30th, 2021!*

Businesses eligible for Shop Iowa:

  • Small brick and mortar retail businesses**

  • Have physical products that can be easily shipped

  • Are willing to receive orders through the website

Retailers are already joining, and consumers are welcome to start shopping local across the state without even leaving their home! Register now to sell on Shop Iowa. Ready to get started? 

Yes, Click Here! 

* Year one funded by IEDA. Rates after June 2021 start at $25/mo. There’s no obligation to commit to a monthly plan in year two. 

** Retail Brick and Mortar storefronts within a commercial zoning classification. Small Business is defined as a business with fewer than twenty employees or an annual gross income of less than $4M computed as the average of the three preceding years.

Prepare to Sell Online

Looking for more information?

Visit shopiowa.com/sell or iowaeda.com/shopiowa to explore this exciting opportunity for Iowa's small businesses.

Contact: Jim Thompson | jim.thompson@iowaeda.com | 515.348.6183

The State of Iowa, including the Iowa Economic Development Authority, is immune from suit and liability except as provided under Iowa Code Chapter 669.