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Top 10 EntreFEST Sessions for Small Business Owners

Posted by Andy Stoll on May 05, 2015


Join the Owners Track at EntreFEST 2015 featuring Cheri Cosgrove, owner of Tanworld. Cheri started and grew this successful nationwide franchise from Sioux City, IA! 

Here are 10 more sessions in the Owners Track that will help Small Business Owners grow their companies in the next year: 

1. Buying & Selling a Business, and Business Succession
2. How to Finance Scaling Up Your Business
3. Mastering Mobile Marketing
4. Easy (and Free) Ways to Gain Online Visibility & Sales
5. Getting Through the Cash Flow Crunch
6. Human Resources for Small Operations
7. Visual Project Management for Non-Tech Companies
8. How to Not Kill Your Business Partner
9. Supporting Your Spouse & Helping Them Support You
10. Managing Success & Failure: Lessons from Iowa Sports Legends

See the full Owners Track line-up here!


Small business owners work hard for their money and have very little time to spare, so investing both cash and several days in an event can be tough to say the least.

Will you get a real return on your investment in EntreFEST? You know our answer is Yes!

Here's why we believe it: You know how to run your business, and you know there are things you could do to really make it grow. EntreFEST is your chance to: 

  1. Take time to actually work on the things that will take your company to new heights
  2. Meet other people working on similar things to share new strategies and lessons learned
  3. Talk directly with experts in sales and operations to effectively incorporate best practices into your business

While you're working on your business at EntreFEST, you'll be surrounded by hundreds of other like-minded people from different industries, sectors, and stage of business. Those people are all potential customers, partners, investors, resource providers and friends. They could each help you expand your business, your ideas, your capacity, and your know-how in ways you cannot imagine.  

Plus, there will be more than 50 of the state's entrepreneurial support organizations all in one room at EntreFEST. Why spend time on Google looking for resources, when you can build a personal relationship with staff members looking for people like you to help with capacity-expanding resources including money, staffing and expertise?

Running a business is a lonely and difficult endeavor. Spending a couple of days at EntreFEST will help you get connected, introduce new opportunities and resources, and give you time to work on your business, so you can achieve your dreams and goals in the next year. 



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