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Iowa Business Blog Post

Achieving Balance: Strategies for Harmonizing Your Personal and Professional Life

In today's fast-paced and demanding world, finding a balance between personal and professional life has become increasingly challenging.  Nonetheless, finding...

Iowa Business Blog Post

Blogging for your Small Business

Small businesses are utilizing blogs to start casual conversations among their consumers. Additionally, small businesses are using blogs to generate...

Iowa Business Blog Post

Unleashing the Power of Video Marketing for Your Small Business

As we conclude the four-part digital marketing blog series, we’re saving the best for last: Video Marketing! In today's competitive...

chat gpt for your biz written on a black background Iowa Business Blog Post

How To Use ChatGPT To Boost Your Small Business Marketing Presence

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI that can generate natural-sounding text in response to a variety...

let's talk creating an instagram business account on grey background Iowa Business Blog Post

Creating An Instagram Business Account For Your Small Business

Social media is constantly evolving, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what’s new. It can be a challenge...

happy 10 year anniversary iasourcelink on black background with confetti Iowa Business Blog Post

IASourceLink Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary: A Letter From Our Leader

Welcome! Patrick here with a few thoughts on the ten year anniversary of IASourceLink. For those that haven’t heard, IASourceLink...

let's talk social media stories on a grey background Iowa Business Blog Post

Creating Stories On Social Media For Small Business Owners

Social media stories... Have you heard of them? If you haven’t yet, today’s your lucky day. Social media marketing is...

man and woman working in a warehouse with iowa workforce development and IowaWorks logos Iowa Business Blog Post

Iowa Workforce Development Launches Tools for Employers

Iowa Workforce Development has launched its new Business Engagement Division, a one-stop shop to assist Iowa employers at any point...

let's talk email marketing written against grey background Iowa Business Blog Post

Email Marketing For Your Small Business

Worldwide, the number of email users is expected to grow over 4.2 billion by the end of 2022. Yes, you heard that...

business man giving a thumbs up on a computer video conference Iowa Business Blog Post

Do I Need a Business License?

So you want to start a business in Iowa and want to know what kind of business license you need...