About IASourceLink

IASourceLink is where business begins in Iowa.  Our mission is to help small businesses in Iowa grow and succeed.  We provide firms with free, easy access to the help they need - when they need it.

How do we accomplish this?
IASourceLink connects Iowa entrepreneurs to a network of 360+ nonprofit resource organizations that provide business-building services.  We facilitate the linking of these resource organizations to one another and to established, emerging and start-up small businesses.

Our network resource partners provide a wide range of business-related services, including:
  • Marketing
  • Financial Planning
  • Sales
  • Loans
  • Technical Assistance
  • Product development
  • Education
  • Government contracts
  • Operations

In addition to our comprehensive network of resource providers that entrepreneurs can access 24/7 via the Resource Navigator, we also provide some direct services to Iowa small business owners.  Our popular Business Concierge can provide your Iowa-based company with helpful referrals, and our monthly free online business webinars attract hundreds of Iowa entrepreneur participants.

IASourceLink is brought to you by the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) in collaboration with the University of Norther Iowa Center for Business Growth and Innovation.

General Assistance

Business Licensing Assistance

Following your contact with the Iowa Business Concierge or Business License Information Center manager, we will reach out after a few months to gauge your satisfaction with the service you received and identify any follow-up actions we can take to continue to be of help.