Watch What Grabs Their Attention

Watch What Grabs Their Attention

81% of Senior Marketing Executives are Doing It
Video is revolutionizing the way company’s market products, services, and brands.

It’s one of the more influential marketing Medias used today. In fact, 81% of senior marketing executives now incorporate promotional videos within their marketing strategies.

Over the years, big corporations and smaller businesses have discovered marketing videos are inexpensive, more engaging, and able to get their message across better.

It’s FREE to You

If you have a video camera or mobile phone, you can make a marketing video and upload it to YouTube, eventually linking it to your website page. The one thing you end up spending is time – time filming, time editing, and time uploading video content.

No out of pocket expenses unless you hire a professional videographer.

Even though it’s inexpensive to create, having no video is actually better than a poorly produced one. If your marketing clip has poor film or audio quality, it will create an unfavorable impression of you and your company.

You can still use mobile phones and other recording devices; just ensure your final edit communicates your message clearly, both visibly and audibly.

It’s ENGAGING For Your Audience
Online video marketing offers high-engagement content for viewers including motion, music, images, and words.

Much like television, online videos can be hypnotic, keeping viewers hooked with images, humor, or jingles which get stuck in their heads verses what a brochure, direct mail, or social media ad will do.

Video is also the best alternative when it comes to hard-to-explain or need-to-be-seen products. You can write all the copy you want on how the latest gizmo works, however more sales are driven with video demonstrations on exactly how the gizmo works. Video demonstrations reduce the amount of returns because viewers who made the purchase knew exactly what the product / service did.

It Creates the Right Impression
What is the perception do you want viewers to have about your company?

One which portrays your aggressive, win-at-all-costs attitude; one which is perceived as a helpful lending hand; or, one which demonstrates your ability to be fun yet serious?

With video you can provide viewers with a glimpse into your company’s personality.

Help viewers better understand who you are, what you provide, and how your company operates to deliver the best overall service.

Going Viral
An appealing marketing video can also take a no name small company and push it into the universal spotlight.

If done correctly, not only can a video clip draw attention, but  could also be forwarded between friends and families, and posted on social media sites; a process known as going viral. When a video goes viral, that means people are forwarding your video around the internet for FREE, helping your business gain more exposure.

Lightly Engaging into the Hard Sale

Cost efficiency, more exposure, and clearer communications are how video marketing is improving company exposure, while at the same time increasing sales.

Adding videos to your website will prompt visitors to review other web pages within your site for more information; information about who you are and the products / services you offer. You do not need to have a video on each page, but it certainly would not hurt. The more informational / promotional videos you have on your site, the better your chances will be of retaining a prospects interest and landing a new customer/client.

Plus, videos can able help improve search engine optimization rankings, pushing your business toward the top of Google, and other search engine websites.

Content contributed by Matthew Cassady, IASourceLinkIASourceLink is a proud affiliate of U.S. SourceLink, America’s largest resource network for entrepreneurs.

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