From the Desk of Director Durham 6-5-14

From the Desk of Director Durham 6-5-14

This month, Debi Durham covers the importance of Farmers Markets to Iowa’s economy. Numerous studies have shown that dollars spent in these venues help contribute to local economies, create unique sense of place, and encourage local farmers and small business owners to grow.

​One great example of this is The Food Store based in Dubuque. For years, The Food Store has served as a stronghold at the end of the street for the Dubuque Farmer’s Market each Saturday morning, featuring live music, an outdoor, made-to-order omelet bar, fresh smoothies and “”fresh hot!”” eggrolls. It’s no secret that this small but mighty family-owned grocery was on the leading edge of a concept that wouldn’t take hold for decades after it’s inception; in 2011, Michael Breitbach was awarded the 365 Impact Award for “”An Idea Ahead of Its Time”” from the City of Dubuque.

Michael’s legacy lives on with Maple and Jackson Breitbach, two of his five children, and David Estafen, Maple’s husband and Michael’s son-in-law. The trio continue The Food Store’s proud tradition of serving up healthy and delicious meals, produce and grocery goods, while continuing to educate the greater community about the food they eat. Read our full feature article on The Food Store to learn more.

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