Upcoming Business/Entrepreneurship MOOC Courses

Upcoming Business/Entrepreneurship MOOC Courses

Massive Online Open Course Upcoming Schedule

About six months ago I did a post detailing the upcoming courses for some of the largest massive, open, online course (MOOC) providers. Seeing as that was six months ago and those providers would be offering new courses, I figured it was time to do it again. Over the past couple years, the number of MOOC providers has increased exponentially. Their ease of use and anytime availability have made many of these providers the go-to places for people wanting to learn something new or expand their knowledge base on a subject they’re already familiar with.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, if you’re not learning you’re falling behind. The internet is leveling the learning “playing field”. You don’t have to go to a physical location to continue your path to knowledge. There are no excuses. You don’t have a lot of time? That’s fine, many of the courses are self-guided allowing you to learn at your own pace. Don’t want to go it alone? That’s fine, too. Many providers now offer tools to allow you to collaborate with fellow classmates whether it be through message boards or other means of communication.

Here’s the highlights of the courses that are coming in the near future organized by MOOC provider. You can click on the provider name for a more detailed listing:


  • Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship – University of Maryland College Park. Starts 5/19/2014. Runs for 6 weeks.
  • Introduction to Finance – University of Michigan. Starts 6/2/2014. Runs for 15 weeks.


  • English for Doing Business in Asia. Starts September 2014.
  • An Introduction to Credit Risk Management. Started 4/15/2014.


  • Managing People: Engaging Your Workforce – University of Reading. Started 5/12/14. Runs for 9 weeks.
  • Managing My Money – The Open University. Started 5/12/14. Runs for 8 weeks.
  • Starting a Business: Realise Your Vision – Leeds University. Starts 6/30/14. Runs for 2 weeks.
  • Discovering Businesses in Society – University of Exeter. Starts 9/8/14. Runs for 8 weeks.
  • Innovation: The Key to Business Success – University of Leeds. Starts 9/15/14. Runs for 3 weeks.

There are many other providers of MOOCs covering a variety of topics. To find out more about these additional providers and what they offer check out the MOOCs Directory list of higher education MOOC providers here: http://www.moocs.co/Higher_Education_MOOCs.html.

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