Reason #4 to attend EntreFEST: You need to get outside of THE BOX

Reason #4 to attend EntreFEST: You need to get outside of THE BOX

Are you in a box right now?

Odd question, I know. But seriously, right now, are you in a box?

I’m not talking about a cardboard box. And, if you think I’m using the word BOX as a metaphor for coffin, you’re waaaaaaaaaaaaay off.

Let me end the suspense.

I’m referring to that box you consider your office, you’re ideal working space -you know – the place where all the MAGIC supposedly happens.

I’m sure it’s a very nice area. Perfect for what you need. You have your laptop, new email account, and all those really important dates set up in your Google calendar; everything a small business needs to get their newly formed company headed in the right direction.

However, you many not realize it, but there’s a problem with this box of yours. The problem: YOU SELDOM LEAVE IT.

Day after day you rush to get started; sending out emails, working on time sensitive projects while managing all those basic administrative duties.

You’ve developed a certain way of doing things, and you’re content with it. Without realizing it, however, great things are happening outside your box; things which could mean the difference between breaking even or making a profit.

Look, it’s not that you’re doing anything wrong. Your routine works for you. Here’s what I’m getting at, there may be ideas, resources and techniques which could better serve your business. If you’re always cooped up in your office, those ideas may never reach you.

By attending EntreFEST May 14-16th in Iowa City, Iowa, you’re going to hear from keynote speakers who have been in your shoes; speakers who know the ins and outs of starting a business and making it successful.

During this two day conference, you’re guaranteed to walk away with ideas and resources to help you revolutionize how you do business.

Plus, with the scheduled networking breakout sessions, you’re going to talk about things outside your box. You’re going to learn how other entrepreneurs are becoming successful in their business, and discover new ways to become more efficient and potentially draw in more clients.

Think you’re the ONLY one running into certain obstacles. Guess again. There are going to be hundreds of people, just like you, who face many of those same obstacles everyday and need others to brainstorm solutions.

This is your chance to leave your box and learn how to expand your business territory.

For more information about EntreFEST, or to sign up, visit

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