Why Diligence is a Startup’s Best Friend

Why Diligence is a Startup’s Best Friend

By: U.S.SourceLink | Jan 22, 2014

There is a quote about hard work and talent that has stuck with me. It says, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” (Tim Notke).

How true! I’ve heard of a brilliant business man who created a website with a listing of 100s of “million-dollar” business ideas. No non-disclosures, no holding back ideas. Why would this guy just give these ideas away?

To prove a point about execution. Without execution, an idea is just that… an idea. Something that lives only on paper until someone put legs under it through some old-fashioned hard work. When it comes down to it- if someone isn’t willing to get the ball rolling, there will be no results no matter how talented the person or how great the idea. It’s the “reap-what-you-sow” factor.

This post is simply to encourage entrepreneurs and start-ups to combine hard work with their talent, to make the reaches they need to make, and get to just get out there. Seek out mentors and advisors to keep you accountable with your benchmarks and goals. Make a decision that when you pursue entrepreneurship, you commit to it and use both hard work, and talent. Is it easy? No, but it’s worth it!

Here’s another quote in closing:

Of course it’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. Hard is what makes it great. -A League of Their Own.

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