Silent but Deadly Business Pit Falls

Silent but Deadly Business Pit Falls

By: U.S.SourceLink | Jan 28, 2014

Friction can rob any machine of efficiency. Sometimes the friction is noisy, the squeaky wheel that gets the oil. Other times, the friction can be silent, killing your business before you realize the need to fix it. Steve Blue, business growth consultant and CEO of Miller Ingenuity, a Minnesota-based engineering firm, warned about silent killers lurking in your business. Writing for the current issue of, he provided four warning signs that your business may be at risk:

  1. Meetings can be too nice. Entrepreneurs should encourage and train employees to challenge each other in a productive and meaningful way. For more:
  2. Your products have become static in a dynamic world. Innovation must be part of your business culture. Give all of your employees time to think about new products, new processes, new procedures. For more:
  3. Your sales staff let your customers push them too far. Good customer service has to be more than giving in to your customer’s demands. Your sales staff needs to balance happy customers with a happy balance sheet. For more:
  4. You have employees who chase away customers. One rude encounter with a sourpuss can send a customer packing. Find the sourpusses in your company and sweeten them up or get rid of them. Make polite customer service the standard for all employees all of the time.

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