Money Makes Money

Money Makes Money

Money makes money – that is a non-debatable fact. My clients sometimes think I am wasting their time when I share this perspective with them.  The truth is, a little money can make big money- if you have a good understanding of it.  That gives great hope to everyday folks like you and me who want to make more money, but have very little on-hand to start with.

So the very tough and famous question remains: if I do not have money, can I still have a business and make a lot of money? I say YES. There are at least 20 well established ways that you can find money to begin (or even expand) your business venture.

  • Take vendor financing, for example. We all know about how easy that is to get a car loan. You walk into car dealership, they do not take your pulse or measure your blood pressures, they tell you that: ‘drive your car away today with a no interest loan!’ The vendor – the car dealer in this case – is doing the financing for you. You are using the car dealer’s money to get the car working for you. If you do not pay, they just take your car back.  What you purchased has value that the vendor could take back in case of default. Have you thought about doing that for the equipment you must buy to start your business? You may not have money up front, but you can get a machine and put it to work right away to make money and pay back your vendor over the long term.
  • What about foreign investor’s cash infusion? If you have a brilliant business idea, with the right connection, like what we provide our clients at Community CPA, you can utilize an EB5 investment VISA to get a foreign person to invest money in your business. It is not a blue sky imagination. In fact, here in Des Moines a well known factory started from the ground up with money from EB5 investors.

These are just two examples of CAPITAL that you can access; keep in mind that there are 18 other ways! If you want to learn all of the others- come to the Immigrant Entrepreneurship Summit and benefit from the experts in these other strategies.  Registration is easy and available online at:  When you sign up, just be sure to attend the afternoon ‘Capital Access – 20 Practical Ways’ session. The Immigrant Entrepreneurship Summit will be held on Nov 9, 2013 at Drake University Olmstead Center. It starts at 9:00am and boasts a full day of rich and informative sessions to help any Iowa entrepreneur start or grow their venture in our great state!

Register early, as we do run out of tickets each year days before the event.  My team and I all look forward to seeing you at this year’s IES.

Content Contributed by Ying Sa, Principal Certified Public Accountant at Community and CPA & Associates, Inc and organizer of the Immigrant Entrepreneurship Summit

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