Small Businesses Use LinkedIn to Create Business Web Page

Small Businesses Use LinkedIn to Create Business Web Page

The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article describing various social media tools, and their success rates as described by poll respondents.

Many times small business owners feel pressured into diving into the web world, and particularly, into social media marketing.  The question is, where to begin when your time is already stretched so thin?

The article describes experiences of several business owners, one who hired an employee and had them devote 20 hours per week to enhancing the company’s social media presence.  Most companies cannot afford this type of investment!  So what are your options?

  1. If you are not a social media guru or aficionado, can you hook up with someone who is?  Is there a way to barter with that person to do your social media updates, and you in turn help them with something you are good at?  Maximize your talents and spend your time at what you’re good at, but assemble a team that has talents you do not.
  2. Who are your customers and what social media do they use?  Ask your customers for input.  Invite a trusted group of loyal customers in for coffee.  Or ask in a phone call during your next contact with a customer.  Find out where they go to get information.
  3. Invest in a consultation.  Other small business start-ups are springing up around the “cloud computing” sector.  Cloud computing is the ability for businesses to share and store information at low or no cost in places such as Google Documents and Drives, and many more service providers.  These small business owners are seeking customers for their services including web page design, social media advertising, and more.
  4. Take a class.  Resource Partners listed in the Resource Navigator are ready and willing to sit down with you and help you start your business as well as market it once it is established.  Check out the Resource Navigator for helpful providers in your area.


Content contributed by Maria Brown, SoMNSourceLink.  SoMNSourceLink is a proud affiliate of U.S.SourceLink, America’s largest resource network for entrepreneurs.

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