SCORE & Business Fundability Announce National Marketing Partnership

SCORE & Business Fundability Announce National Marketing Partnership

SCORE – mentors to America’s small businesses, is pleased to announce an expanded National Corporate Partnership with Business Fundability™, a leading organization delivering small business commercial funding, credit development and funding-based education. Through this partnership, SCORE and Business Fundability will provide education to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs about accessing the funding and credit they need to support their efforts to start and grow their ventures and are dedicated to equipping them with free tools and information for their success.

According to James Penny, Business Fundability Chief Executive Officer, “SCORE has a stellar reputation of providing invaluable services to existing and new business owners. Business Fundability is proud to be an additional resource for SCORE and its mentors, in assisting their clients with accessing funding and growing their businesses.”

Through the partnership, SCORE will provide its clients access to three important Business Fundability tools:

  • The first is a free on-line / on-demand business credit development workshop that provides important education to business owners on how they may unknowingly damage their personal credit, how to prevent this damage from occurring and protect their personal credit, how to build business credit, and how to access commercial funding without over leveraging their personal credit.
  • The second is access to the free Business Fundability Test. Integrated with Experian Business Services, the test gives a business owner the ability to see what lenders would see if they were actually applying for financing. The test provides a custom report to the business owner as to where deficiencies exist in the business being fundable and how to make their business more fundable. The report also tells the business owner what commercial funding they may qualify for immediately.
  • The third is access to Business Fundability online business credit development tools that help business owners correct fundability deficiencies, establish lender compliance, and build credit in the name of their business.

“SCORE is excited about expanding our partnership with Business Fundability,” commented Bridget Weston Pollack, SCORE’s Director of Marketing and Communications. “We have seen the positive results in a select group of SCORE chapters that have worked with Business Fundability, and want to continue that success by broadening the reach of our relationship including the new webinars for our small business clients.”

In support of SCORE’s mission to help small businesses succeed, Business Fundability will also partner with more SCORE chapters across the nation to provide free education on business funding and credit. Small business owners and entrepreneurs can get free, one-on-one mentoring about business funding from SCORE mentors.

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