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Iowa Business Basics

We are thrilled that you are considering starting a business here in Iowa.  Look over the resources below (and indeed all of the pages here on IASourceLink) and let us know if you have any questions.  Our staff is committed to helping you make your entrepreneurial dreams come true in our great state!  Remember, that the Iowa Business Concierge is always just a phone call away at 866-537-6052.

The Facts

Iowa SBA Resource Guide provides a quick reference guide on how to start a business, business planning, business regulations, financing, entrepreneurial development and government contracting.

The Business Plan

SBA "create your business plan"  covers the essentials of a well crafted business plan.

Legal Formation

Iowa State Bar Association provides an overview of legal formation issues such as liability, taxes, ability to raise capital, ease in operating your business entity and overall control of business operations. 

A fact sheet on operating and licensing your business in Iowa provides additional information on state and federal regulatory requirements.


Understand and meet the legal requirements of taxes by visiting Iowa Department of Revenue “Starting a Business". Online resources with easy to understand powerpoints explain tax obligations. 

Hiring Employees

Iowa Employer Awareness Guide is an online resource outlining compliance requirements for Iowa employers.   

Required posters that must be displayed by Iowa employers is available online.

Misclassifying a worker as an independent contractor can be costly.  Contact Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) Misclassification Unit.

Be aware construction contractors working in Iowa must register with Iowa Workforce Development Contractor Registration.

Financing Your Business

Financing a business requires investment and equity by the business owner.  There is no such thing as free grant money for business start ups or expansions.  Be very cautious of ventures where things promised, including financial assistance seem too good to be true!  It probably is!  
Financial assistance is available and worth exploring and understanding. 

Not Starting From Scratch?

Find information on the pros and cons of buying a business or franchise, and how to find a business to buy.
Check out these SBA resources:

And of course, if you still have questions about starting a business in Iowa, we are here to help!  Give us a ring toll free at 866-537-6052.