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Strategies for Business Growth

NASA RocketCompanies that survive the startup phase, sometimes struggle when it comes to growth.  Being able to take your company to the next level often involves a different set of resources in the below general areas.  Of course, you can always give our Iowa Business Concierge a ring at 866-537-6052 if you have questions and are not sure where to start!

Business Planning

Drive your business to the next level with a well-crafted business plan- especially if you will be securing additional capital.  Lender and investors will want to see a well thought out and written growth strategy.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing is all about customers: knowing their needs and wants and creating the environment in which it is easy for them to buy. The Iowa Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers a straightforward guide on How to Write a Marketing Plan.  They also provide market research services which small Iowa firms can utilize at no charge.

Also check out:

Human Resources

Your people are your company's most valuable asset. Be thoughtful in how you attract and retain the right employees to support your growth.

Maintaining Permits and Registrations

Get legitimate and stay legal with these comprehensive online Iowa business compliance resources. 

Get Funding

Explore the various options for fueling your business' growth.  Also reach out to the Iowa Business Concierge to learn about funding options available for your business here in Iowa.

Board of Directors

Oversight and governance become increasingly important as companies grow.  Having a well selected Board of Directors can oftentimes open doors and provide opportunities many growing firms miss.

Exit Strategies

Successful owners have an exit strategy planned.  Once you've reached your business goal(s), perhaps the right choice is to leave the company, and allow another to take it to the next level.  The U.S. Small Business Administration has an outstanding guide for things to consider when planning your business exit strategy.