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Programs and Resources for Agriculture

Combine plowing corn fieldWhether you are thinking of starting a livestock or crop operation, or are one of the many people building a small farm on just a few acres, it can be challenging to launch an agricultural business. Fortunately, there are several resources you can turn to for assistance in helping your dream to grow!

State Financing and Tax Credit Programs

Iowa Agricultural Development Division (IADD), through the Iowa Finance Authority, has several programs to assist with starting or expanding a livestock or crop operation.
  • Beginning Farmer Loan Program helps new farmers acquire agriculture property. Loans are provided through a lender or contract seller with funds coming through the issue of federal tax-exempt bonds offered through IADD.
  • Loan Participation Program assists low income farmers obtain loans and make down payments on agricultural property.
  • Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Program allows agricultural asset owners to earn tax credit for leasing their land to beginning farmers. The program also includes tax credit for the leasing of large (depreciable) machinery and equipment breeding livestock and buildings.
  • Custom Farming Tax Credit Program offers a tax credit to anyone hiring a beginning farmer to do agricultural contract work for the production of crops or livestock in Iowa.
Lease to Beginning Farmers Program offered through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR), provides beginning farmers the opportunity to lease agricultural land that the DNR holds and manages for wildlife habitat.

Federal Grants, Loans and Resources



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